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Every great journey begins with a beautiful dream and like minded people to travel with. Our story was no different! Homes by Kikkli was established in May 2019, with a heartfelt passion to bring beautiful crafts from the artisan's kilns to your hearts! We bring you beautiful tales about the skilled local artisans and the wonderful masterpieces they craft. It has been an exhilarating experience so far! Handmade products are truly special, as they reflect the dreams and legacy of traditional artisans. We are closely associated with local artisans, and have personally observed the magic in their hands and discipline in their hearts. They exhibit an aesthetic sense of design, precise mental calculations to craft the design on a chosen medium and the dedication to render a piece of art to cherish. They work with an eye for detail and excellent sense of proportion. We interact with them hours on end, and come back empowered by their energy and determination. Our studio gleams with a myriad of colours and designs, as the artisans have an aesthetic sense of imagination and creativity. We honour them by setting aside a share of our profits to appreciate their skills and motivate them.

We are also fascinated by the rich handcrafting heritage of the various regions of India! We love experimenting with glaze techniques on hand painted wares and decal artwork ceramic designs. In addition to curating handmade ceramic and wood tableware and decor products from our dynamic network of partner manufacturing units, we love to experiment consistently and bring new designs into our fold.
We curate a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles. We design each piece with detail and execute with local artisans with personal attention. No compromises whatsoever, when it comes to quality. We have stringent quality control measures to ensure that you receive best products to enrich your beautiful abode.

With heartfelt passion and a commitment to honour traditional artisans, supporting the vocal for Local initiatives, we would like Homes by Kikkli to be known as a destination for lovingly handmade products.

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Address: Supertech Oxford
SquareSector 16 (B),
Greater Noida (west)

Phone: +0120 4231070  +91-7827241137

9 am to 7 pm
Closed on sundays

Our Mission

With heartfelt passion and a commitment towards Clay and wood craftsmanship, Homes by Kikkli is created as one destination for Unique and lovingly handmade products. The Discipline of craftsmanship and enormous possibilities in Clay art is what inspires us to create more and explore new for your happy place.

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