Handcrafted blocks

Our handcrafted wooden blocks take you on an exhilarating journey through the colourful streets of West UP villages. As you tiptoe along, take time to admire the awe inspiring workmanship of artisans who spend many an hour to envisage a beautiful picture, draw the design, trace the design on the a smoothened wooden blocks, carve them with precise mental calculations and chisel them to perfection. After the crafting part is complete, the artisans go on to paint these wooden blocks with delightful colours.

What you hold in your hand is not just a decor accent, but an unsung tale of labour and love. Eco-friendly and quaint, our intricately crafted wood block is all set to tug your heartstrings! If you are feeling creative, roll up your sleeves and dip these blocks in dye to add a splash of vibrance to your ensemble or just make these stories a part of your wall art!

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